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Victorian Clydesdale Horse Society

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The Victorian Branch promotes the Clydesdale horse and provides support for new members wanting to learn more about their Clydesdale horse in Victoria and Tasmania. Sponsoring and mentoring our junior members is a priority.

Each year we aim to sponsor selected shows, provide trophies and run training days, social events and seminars. Our premier annual events include the Royal Melbourne Show, the National Clydesdale and Heavy Horse Festival and Clydesdale Foal shows at Castlemaine and Dandenong.  High-profile Junior competitions are held at all of our major events. 

Information is provided to our members via our monthly email newsletter SFTHM, quarterly Clydesdale Chronicle and annual Yearbook.

The CCHS was formed in 1918 and is run by Clydesdale breeders and enthusiasts dedicated to the promotion and future of the Clydesdale breed in Australia. The Victorian Branch comprises members from Victoria and Tasmania, making us the largest of the five State Branches. Our committee is made up by a President, 2 Vice Presidents and 7 committees elected annually in August each year. Our Secretary and Treasurer are appointed by the committee.

Our Victorian Branch has recognised the popularity of the Clydesdale Cross and has been instrumental in developing a Clydesdale Part Bred registry for your 50% Clydesdale cross with either a registered Clydesdale sire or dam. We are affiliated with the CCHSA Federal Council to which membership fees are paid and all State Branches receive a percentage rebate to help run their branch. 

The Federal and Victorian Branch President, W.M. Black wrote in the 1926 Volume 2 Stud Book 

feel confident that the united support of breeders throughout the Commonwealth will enable this Society to carry out its objectives, and thereby demonstrate the economical supremacy of the Clydesdale horse for haulage work, both on farms and in the cities“

Today the Clydesdale horse is no longer the horsepower of agriculture but our Society aims to preserve the Clydesdale breed standards set out in our stud book. The modern-day Clydesdale can be enjoyed as a show horse in hand, harness or ridden classes. They are also popular for pleasure driving or riding and small-scale farming and tourist activities. Our gentle giant can also just be admired in your paddock and make a great companion. 

We are connected with Clydesdale enthusiasts Australia-wide and internationally. We look forward to seeing this breed becoming accessible and versatile for all equine endeavours.   

Please click on the link to the Commonwealth Clydesdale Horse Society Australia website for more information regarding membership and stud registration.

ALL registration & membership enquiries should be directed to the Federal Secretary, Rod Bowles or 03 5442 8890